Why Study in Australia

For all students who aspire to study in Australia, here is a detailed guide.

For those seeking to advance their education in Australia, a plethora of opportunities await to pursue world-class degrees and accelerate their professional journey. Australia presents an array of options, ranging from MBA programs and engineering degrees to humanities and English language courses, all of which are renowned for their high standards of living, academic excellence, and unwavering support for international students.
Visa Requirement for Australia

The appropriate visa for your educational pursuits will be determined by several factors, including the level of your chosen course, the nature of your intended studies, and the length of your program. As an international student, obtaining a student (subclass 500) visa is mandatory, regardless of your field of study, academic institution, or tuition fees.

Effective July 1, 2016, a student subclass 500 visa allows you to remain in Australia for the duration of your academic program, which typically spans up to five years, starting from your enrollment date. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted stay, it is crucial that you maintain an active and up-to-date visa and comply with the conditions specified on your student visa. For detailed information about this visa category, please refer to the website of the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs.

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Cost Of Study in Australia

The expenditures associated with pursuing academic qualifications in Australia are contingent upon the nature of the degree pursued and the educational institution selected. For instance, veterinary and medical degrees incur significantly higher costs in comparison to other academic programs. The standard tuition fees charged by Australian tertiary education institutions typically fluctuate between AUD 20,000 to AUD 30,000 annually.

1 School $7,800 to $30,000 Annually
2 Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree $20,000-$45,000 Annually
3 Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) $4000 - $22,000 Annually
4 Postgraduate Master's Degree $22,000-$50,000 Annually
5 Doctrol Degree $18,000-42,000
6 English Language Studies $250-$400 weekly (varies as per course length)

Typically, academic programs within the humanities, arts, and education disciplines tend to be priced more modestly, whereas areas of study such as medicine and engineering are likely to command higher tuition fees. Upon considering postgraduate studies, prospective students should anticipate paying elevated fees, given that such programs can demand higher costs. It is important to note that the cost of pursuing one’s education in Australia is variable, contingent on the specific program of study.

Top courses to study in Australia

Here is a list of the top programmes that foreign students choose to enrol in at Australian universities:

  • Engineering
  • MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
  • HealthCare
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business Analytics

Scholarships to study in Australia

As an Indian student aspiring to study in Australia, there are a multitude of distinguished scholarship programs available for your consideration. Some of the most highly-regarded opportunities in this regard have been compiled for your convenience.

1 Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Sponsored by the Australian Government, this program provides comprehensive financial support to students pursuing their Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree, covering both their tuition fees and health insurance for a duration of three years.
  • This initiative is open to both domestic and international students, enabling them to concentrate on their academic pursuits without worrying about financial constraints.
  • 2 Australia Awards
  • This initiative has received financial backing from prominent government entities, namely the Department of Education, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).
  • The objective is to offer students hailing from developing regions a chance to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate program at accredited universities in Australia and esteemed Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.
  • 3 Destination Australia The primary objective of this scholarship is to foster the enrollment of international students in tertiary education programs in regional areas of Australia. This initiative seeks to promote the growth and development of regional academic institutions, while also providing a unique and enriching educational experience for scholars from around the world.
    4 John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) offers a unique opportunity for researchers from partner nations to pursue advanced academic credentials at prestigious Australian tertiary institutions. This initiative provides participating scientists with invaluable exposure to cutting-edge research methodologies and advances in the field of agricultural science.

    Top Universities to study in Australia

    Job prospects in Australia

    It is worth noting that students pursuing their academic programs in Australia have the opportunity to reduce their living expenses and gain valuable work experience. The Australian legislation allows international students to work part-time for a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight while on a student visa.

    Several employment options are available for students, including on-campus jobs, retail positions, hospitality roles, tutoring opportunities, office work, freelance opportunities, and volunteering positions. These options provide students with a chance to develop their skills and gain valuable work experience while pursuing their academic goals.

    Cost of living in Australia

    Australia’s cost of living has been assessed and ranked highly in both the Human Development Index 2022 and the Quality-of-Life Index 2022. As a result, Australia is considered to be one of the top 10 nations in terms of GDP, education system, and purchasing power parity index. In addition to its robust income levels, Australia boasts an exceptional standard of health awareness, medical system, and political stability. These factors have contributed to Australia’s reputation as an attractive destination for individuals seeking a high quality of life.

    It is prudent to take into account the prevalent expenditures whilst formulating your financial plan.

    1 Groceries and eating out $140 to $280
    2 Gas, electricity $10 to $20
    3 Phone and Internet $15 to $30
    4 Public transport $30 to $60
    5 Car (after purchase) $150 to $260
    6 Entertainment $80 to $150


    Yes, many study abroad programs accommodate students with disabilities. Research accessibility resources and support services at potential host institutions.
    Studying abroad demonstrates adaptability, cross-cultural competence, and global awareness—traits valued by employers in today’s interconnected world.
    Yes, there are study abroad programs available for students in various disciplines and languages. Research universities and programs that cater to your field of study.
    Many resources are available, including educational consultants, study abroad offices at universities, online forums, government websites, and guidebooks.
    While you may have some flexibility in choosing courses, your options will depend on the study abroad program, language proficiency, and the host institution’s offerings.
    It depends on how you plan your courses and credits. With careful planning and credit transfer, you can avoid graduation delays while studying abroad.
    Yes, you can study abroad multiple times during your academic career. Explore different programs, countries, and cultural experiences.
    Homesickness is common when studying abroad. Stay connected with family and friends through technology, immerse yourself in local activities, and seek support from fellow students.